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Design of a real-time embedded system in a line-following robot

IntroductionAn embedded system consisting of sensor inputs, LEDs, DC motors and a microcontroller is being designed for a self-operating line following robot which conforms to Birmi...

The Fully Connected Stochastic Substitution System

This article investigates the properties and emergent behaviour of a new kind of discrete substitution system. The micro-states of these systems are modelled as complete weighted grap...

Numerical Solutions of Equations

Numerical Solutions of Equations Introduction In order to solve equations, sometimes a numerical approach must be taken since they cannot be solved analytically, such as by factori...

The Reference Data Pattern: Extensible and Flexible

The Traditional SolutionSo how are we going to implement the logical model in the physical world of an actual database?We could take the view that each reference type will map to it...

Thoughts on the Schubert Piano Sonata in B flat major, D.960

Thoughts on Schubert and Repeats (1st May 2016)If I add up the hours I have spent listening to music and the hours spent doing anything else, the list of my published works gives a...

Time to think, talk and lead in Maths

"Time to think, talk and lead In Maths", researches the impact of a new pedagogy that uses co-construction of learning between the teacher and the pupils to embed social skills, deep ...

Learning to play the piano

LEARNING TO PLAY THE PIANO Prime factors for success One of the prime factors for successfully learning to play the piano for a young child, and, indeed, for a pupil belonging to ...
Ajay Vignesh

Statistical Study of Inflation Fluctuation

Analysis of Inflation Dependent Variable I have chosen Inflation as my dependent variable. As Milton Friedman states, Inflation is a ".steady and sustained increase in the general...